by: Midnight Garfield Keller 



I was born to an "outside family" on June 6 (Mommie's birthday), 1993 by Mommie's sister, Alice. Auntie Alice fed and took care of her kitties that lived inside with her family and also she fed me and my family too. Curious as I am, however, I had to see what was going on "inside" and I climbed the screen doors repeatedly until Auntie Alice and her family let me in. Once inside, I never wanted to go back outside because inside was nice and warm.

Auntie Alice had a sister, Cindy (you may know her as "PurrsKitty"), who came often to visit with her.... at least once a week. Cindy looked like a nice PURRSon, so whenever she came to visit Auntie Alice, I made myself a nice bed on her lap.

After a couple months, Cindy couldn't resist me, and she took me home..... I already adopted her--she is "Mommie" to me. I knew I wanted her to be my Mommie from the first time I laid my kitty eyes on her.

Before taking me home, however, Mommie took me to the kitty doctor, just to make sure I was healthy and stuff. I checked out "A OK" and off we went to my new home, where I met Mommie's other kitty, Velvet, who was then about 4 years old. I was just a baby, though a growing one..... about 6 months old.

Velvet checked me out and I made myself at home. As most babies do, I slept quite a bit, but when I was awake, Velvet and I played together a lot. Over time, we learned together how to get into cupboards and such. We taught each other a whole lot!..... and we STILL learn from each other and romp around together! She's soooooooo CUTE!!!

Time passed, and Mommie found me and Velvet a Daddy Kitty :) Daddy was my Buddy, my very Bestest Friend, or so I thought! Of course, nothing can replace Mommie's love :)

NOTE FROM MOMMIE KITTY: Midnight passed away in Augst of 2003. We had to put him down because he was gasping for air and with his diabetes and thyroid conditions and asthma too, the poor thing just couldn't make it. He is in a much better place now, free from the harm that was caused him whenever his "buddy DaddyKitty" would smack him because he was meowing when it bothered DaddyKitty :( Velvet kitty and Mommie miss Midnight kitty very much. He'll always be in our hearts.


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