by: Velvet Whimpers Keller  in my new chair!!



I was born on March 6, 1989 to Mommie's sister's pet kitty Tiger who is a very good hostess. Mommie and Daddy tell me that Tiger greets them outside in front of Auntie Alice's house when they come to visit. Anyhow, I was originally named "Stitches" by Auntie Alice's children because I kept them forever laughing. To this day I never want anyone to ever say I'm a bore!!!

Mommie used to visit Auntie Alice on a weekly basis, and I immediately adopted her. I fell in love with her!!! Whenever she came over to visit Auntie Alice, I curled up in her lap and went to sleep. After just a couple months of visits, we were inseparable!!! Mommie took me home with her, and to this day we are VERY CLOSE!!!

Every night I tuck Mommie into bed so she will get a good night's sleep :)

Mommie and I were together for four years when she brought Midnight home. Needless to say, I just HAD to check this cat out! He seemed harmless enough, but I stayed close to Mommie, just in case. After all, he's still a stranger!!!

Over just a little time, however, Midnight began to grow on me and we became good playmates :) I taught him a few tricks and he taught me some too! We really enjoyed getting into stuff together!!

When Mommie met and married Daddy just a couple years later, it wasn't hard for me to win Daddy over. I knew in an instant that Daddy loves kitties, and I grew to love him over time..... initially, however, I pretty much stayed between him and Mommie, cuz in case he didn't like her, I wanted to be sure she would not be hurt by him. There is sumpin about men that us girls just find, well "different"!!!

When Mommie was home I spent a lot of time with her. When she was not home, however, I kept Daddy company so he doesn't miss Mommie so much. I enjoyed high places especially cuz Midnight couldn't get up there when he was alive :) hehe!!

Well, Mommie and I left Daddy in May of 2004 and moved to our new home. We're VERY happy now. We purrrrrrr together all the time when she doesn't have to work :) She even comes home for lunch sometimes!!

Mommie got me a brand new white chair, just for ME!!.... and a NICE BIG bed for her AND me :)

I have email! You can send to VelvetKitty


NOTE FROM MOMMIE KITTY: Velvet passed away in May of 2005. I had to put her down because she was in pain, having that day suffered a blood clot or stroke from what the vet could tell, who told me that no matter what we could do the prognosis would not look good. Her Mommie Kitty will miss her very much. She'll always be in my heart. I will still check her email, because believe it or not, yes, she still gets email!! :)

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